Mortgages are no joke!

I sometimes say, “We’ll get you in debt — and you’ll have fun doing it!”   At Pacific Western Mortgage Group, we provide careful, cautious advice, but we are also committed to a fully human process.  We believe in helping our clients understand what’s involved in the lending process, so they can make informed decisions.  Sometimes we even advise against a loan, which means we won’t get the business.  (Several of our testimonials mention that we talked people out of borrowing!)  That’s just the way it is:  We do the right thing, and sleep better at night.  For more info, call Jim:  510-654-2200

Why pre-qualify (and pre-educate)?

If you’re house hunting in the fast-paced Bay Area market, it’s helpful to pre-qualify.  You’ll find out how much you can afford, and you’ll also be able to have your realtor act quickly when you find the right house!  Although there are a gazillion online calculators, there’s more to it than that — and we think it helps to have a human slant on it. At Pacific Western Mortgage Group we prefer to educate clients about all the in’s and out’s of borrowing — so you can make an informed decision.  We’ll answer some of your questions over the phone, and you can decide if a face-to-face meeting would be useful:  call 510-654-2200 or email jim [at] pwmglending [dot] com


Welcome to the PWMG lending blog — and our new web site.  Some of the buildings shown above would not be eligible for loans — but generally speaking, we are known for finding solutions when others have given up. Then again, we’re not interested in finding just any solution — and we sometimes even advise against borrowing or refinancing if it’s not going to be in the best interests of the client. Our goal is to make sure you’re getting into the right loan for you: something that meets your needs and is manageable going forward.  To find out all there is to know (more or less) about mortgage lending, contact Jim Aron:  510-654-2200.